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We take an eclectic approach to theory, drawing on aspects from a range of formal and informal theories as appropriate, including (but not limited to) grounded theory, evaluation theory, critical theory, learning theory, and the practice theories used by the commissioners and/or the steering group of the research in hand. We have outlined our theoretical approaches on the pages linked below. Each of these approaches has a large and diverse body of academic literature attached to it, so our thumbnail sketches are open to the charge of oversimplification. We have tried to keep them simple, readable, and as accurate as possible.

We aim to produce solution-focused research reports that can be implemented to improve practice by including clear recommendations. These recommendations are rooted in the findings from the data collected and based in the theoretical stance of the research. We are also happy to conduct knowledge-gathering research to increase levels of available information on specific issues. This will also have a clear and explicit theoretical stance.