We ensure quality by:

  1. Accepting work within our areas of expertise
  2. Working to full and clear briefs from clients
  3. Communicating clearly and thoroughly with clients
  4. Maintaining clients' confidentiality in accordance with our confidentiality procedure
  5. Conducting research in accordance with the ethical guidelines of the Social Research Association
  6. Writing in plain English
  7. Meeting deadlines
  8. Seeking feedback on the quality of our work from clients, and using any feedback received to improve our practice
  9. Handling any complaints in accordance with our complaints procedure
  10. Operating excellent internal management of the company's finances, staff and workload, using professional advisers such as accountants and solicitors when necessary
  11. Taking the necessary steps to ensure that we keep our skills and knowledge up to date
  12. Reviewing the company's procedures and statements at least once a year, and revising them if necessary

We achieved ISO 9001:2000 certification in 2003 (which later became ISO 9001:2008 certification). In 2008, 2009 and 2010, our assessor agreed with us that we could no longer increase the quality of our work; our job had become to maintain the very high standards we had reached. In 2011 we decided it was unnecessary to keep paying for this feedback. We continue to use the same systems of quality management, and our quality manual is available for inspection on request. It is a long and detailed document, so we wrote the statement above to summarise our approach to ensuring quality.

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