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Charges And Values


We have taken the unusual decision to be open about our costs and our charging policy. We know that some of our competitors charge much, much more than we do; we have heard of day rates up to £1500. We know our work is as high quality as theirs, as we have won tenders in competition with big consultancy firms Ė and then had very good feedback about the work we did. We also know that we have lost tenders because the people commissioning the work decided that if we cost so little, our work must be poor quality. This doesnít represent Best Value as we understand it.

The money we earn comes from the public purse, or from funds raised by the voluntary and community sector. In a sense, itís our money to start with, and we want to know that it is spent wisely. We think that costs incurred using public and fund-raised money should be transparent, within private companies earning their income from these sources as much as anywhere else.

Our charges have stayed at the same rate since 2006. Our basic day rates for 2010-11 are as follows:

  • Work funded by statutory sector, partnerships, national and regional voluntary sector: £425 + expenses and VAT (East or West Midlands), £475 plus expenses and VAT (elsewhere in UK);
  • Work funded through academic institutions: £345 + expenses and VAT
  • Work funded by sub-regional and local voluntary sector and community sector: £275 + expenses and VAT

Work which spans two of the elements above will be charged at a rate halfway between the two quoted prices.

Our rates are negotiable. We will charge less if your budget is limited, and we are interested in the work, and we can afford to do so at the time. We are always happy to discuss potential opportunities for joint working, bidding or tendering, at no cost and with no obligation. Furthermore, as stated in our CSR policy, We Research It offers free telephone and email support to voluntary and community sector agencies preparing to commission, or fund-raise for, consultancy or social research work. We also offer free support and advice by telephone and email to service user groups wishing to conduct their own research. Support in person can be provided at our offices.

Please telephone or email if you would like to discuss any of these options.